ILOSTMYMIND is an Italian brand created in 2018 from Lukasz Michal Jursza .

The brand was born in one small room , joining the passion for graphics and the world of streetwear .

It all started in 2014 , I was 17 years old.
I had been recording gameplay on YouTube for two years.
During an evening I thought it would be fun to create a shirt with the name of the channel.
However, I wanted to design something that could also be worn in other contexts, something different.
Thus my first shirt was born.
From then on I started fantasizing about the possibility of creating an item of clothing that concerned my channel, but above all that I could reflect myself.
With the passing years, I abandoned YouTube, but not my idea.
I wanted something that could bring everyone together, express myself and give a message.

In 2018 ILOSTMYMIND (ILMM) came to life . My first line of clothes.

There initial phase of this trip was characterized by the search for a supplier and the design of the first t-shirts, caps and sweatshirts.
Shortly thereafter I had contacts with various couriers in order to receive the products as soon as possible.
I got a decent result until i arose first problems .
I decided to buy screens , a printer And produce the garments independently .

In 2019 I changed my vision .
I wanted something more, but I didn't know what yet.
I pondered for months looking for answers .
During one night, I realized that the emotional block that I was having, it could have flow through the use of emotions for my graphics .
For almost a year I sent more than 2000 e-mails telling about my project.
I was hoping I could find someone who would share my values.
TO December 2020 , when hopes had faded, someone believed in me .

Since then a journey has begun.


Today, ILOSTMYMIND , it's a reality.
I work without stopping, day and night with all the passion I have.
Carrying on and realizing this wish of mine that I had as a kid.