Our inspiration?

We care about people's mental health.
Every day we are looking for inspirations that affect the emotional sphere. We create dialogues on the most diverse topics dealing with mental health.
All this allows us to grow.

ILOSTMYMIND was born from the desire to create something new: a brand where everyone can reflect.

ILOSTMYMIND donates a portion of the proceeds to mental health charities.


I felt the need to share a “ WEAR YOUR MOOD ” message with everyone.

To do this, I combined my passion for graphics with the emotions I felt at the time.

Step by step I'm building a project I've dreamed of since I was a child, pursuing the values ​​I believed in: emotions and sensitivity, thus creating a unique style .


Features badges of ILOSTMYMIND are:

  1. Fit oversized .
  2. Beware of quality And creativity of leaders so that people can reflected in their emotions.