SpeakYourMind is one safe space in which you can share the your story and the your experiences .

Traumas, insecurities, negative emotions and difficult times of your life that you have the opportunity to tell the world to leave a trace of yours alone, and to allow those who recognize themselves in your experiences to feel less alone.

We have created a special email where you can send in writing anything you want to share.

Everything will be published here on our Instagram page with video series and you will decide if you want to show yourself or remain anonymous .

You can decide, at your discretion, whether to write your name (first name only, no surnames), age and where you are from.

The goal of this project is to give you a voice: the voice to tell what you've been through, lived or continue to live, and give you a way to help someone who needs to hear your story and gain strength to continue theirs.
Let's sensitize the people around us and try to eliminate this ideal of false toxic happiness that they offer us on social media.
It's time to use your voice.

Contact us via the form or in the messages on Instagram .
The content that is sent is confidential and sensitive data will not be shown.